The Broadway Blab is our school newspaper that is published once a term by Miss Cleet and her roving band of reporters.
Editorial meetings are held weekly on a Thursday evening between 3pm and 4pm.


My roving reporters meet every Thursday night and work very hard to write about the exciting things going on in school and things that they are interested in. Each week they write a different article and these pieces go towards creating one final edition that is released every term: Christmas, Easter and Summer. The ‘Broadway Blab’ is made up of children from all year groups who have a passion for English and ICT. They write reports, hold interviews, find puzzles and much more- every year there is always someone who thinks of something new to add, we’ve had all sorts of great ideas!


Click / tap on the edition you wish to view - it will open in a new tab or window.


Easter Edition 2017


Christmas Edition 2016