Autumn Leaves

The colourful land of Autumn blows to the floor like a bird.
The crunchy golden leaves fell off the naked tree.
All of the orange leaves dance when they fall.
The golden crunchy leaves crashed against the flint wall as they retreated from the branches.
With a surprise the snow came tumbling down onto the crunchy autumn leaves.

As autumn came along the golden leaves flew to the ground.
The hidden beauty of the leaves flew to the ground to make a thick, heavy, golden brown carpet.
The leaves performed their dramatic life story as they fell into the water to make a floating carpet sparkling pond.
The golden brown leaves rustled down to the ground like a thick rustling carpet.
The dark black clouds flew overhead and announced a change in the weather.

The golden leaves on the trees parachute down.
The sound of the whistling birds rustle in the trees.
The beauty of colour like golden and brown fills the sky all around.
The golden brown leaves crunch under your feet.

The noises of the birds chirp as they hide behind the orange autumn leaves.
The thick, rustling, floating leaves whistle in the wind as they sway down.
The noises of hungry birds sing in the trees as the leaves fall slowly to the ground.
All the colourful leaves parachute down to make a rustling carpet.
The bustle of the birds knocks the leaves to the golden, crunch, amber carpet.


Class 6 – National Poetry Day