Foods From Around Our World Competition

The foods, particularly the fruit and vegetables, which we buy in our local supermarkets are always fresh and beautifully presented. With their vibrant colours and eye-catching displays it is so tempting for us to hand over our money and enjoy the delicious tastes of a juicy pineapple or crunchy pear.  This week we have been exploring how these foods come to appear on our supermarket shelves and where they originate from.  Mrs Giles brought in some of her weekly shopping and, using a map of the world, we discovered where many of the fruits and vegetables we eat are actually produced.   It was fascinating to witness the journey a banana makes, all the way from the banana plantations in Costa Rica (Central America) to the grocery aisle in Asda!

If you would like to take part in our ‘Foods From Around Our World’ Quiz then please see Mrs Giles for a quiz sheet. Once complete, hand it in to either Mrs Giles or Mrs Anderson as soon as possible and you never know, you could be the winner of our latest prize! Good luck!