Derwent Hill

Having a great time and been really lucky so far. Went on a night walk on Monday and as Dan our instructor was explaining about the stars we saw a shooting star.

We went on our mountain walk yesterday and as we were walking past Falcon Crag a peregrine falcon flew past, just as Dan was telling us about them and why it is called Falcon Crag. Apparently we were very lucky to see one. We then startled a red squirrel that was coming out of its nest in a tree. It obviously wasn't expecting us so it sat in the tree watching us until we moved on whilst Dan told us all about them.

After a long trek we reached the top of Waller Crag and the views were spectacular. On the way down Dan picked some Wood Sorrel and wild garlic for the children to taste which was interesting. The children were exhausted when we got back to Derwent Hill and after a lovely dinner and the night's activities, they were out like lights last night and everyone had a great night's sleep.