Derwent Hill - Home Today

Thursday was another fun packed day for the children. In the morning the children in group one tackled the high ropes course in the grounds at Derwent Hill. They went in pairs and had to climb up ladders, nets, beams and trees to stand on the very top of the frame. Jamie Leigh and Oliviah went first and set the standard for the rest of the children by overcoming each difficulty they faced to stand on the top together. Fletcher and Sonny then raced from bottom to top in record time.


They were followed by Lara, Lily, Ava, Tia, Josh, Jamie and Liam who all did brilliantly to challenge themselves and overcome any fears they had to reach the top. After a few team building exercises we stopped for lunch and then after that the children took part in orienteering challenges in Derwent Hill Centre, around the outside of the centre and then a further course around the grounds. They handled the situation and the activities really well and we have some budding map readers amongst them.
We finished the day having fun on the low ropes course where they climbed through tunnels, went on a zip line and challenged themselves to cross ropes and beams. Again they really enjoyed the activities.


After a roast dinner and sticky toffee pudding the whole group settled in our home made cinema to watch Monsters Inc on the big screen and a relaxing end to another very busy day. All of the children were asleep by 10.30 in preperation for our final morning's activities and, sadly, the bus ride home.