Derwent Hill

This week Year 6 embark on their final residential.  Everyone arrived safely on Monday morning and both children and staff are looking forward to making lots of memories during their action packed week ahead.  Keep checking as we will be uploading photos regularly and have the Persil ready for their return on Friday.


After lunch on Monday the children had the opportunity to take part in some afternoon activities. For a couple of groups, this involved walking to the lake and spending a fun few hours hurling themselves off the jetty. The other groups stayed a bit drier, enjoying both the low ropes course and the terrifyingly high, gladiator challenge.

After a hot meal, we all set off on the night walk which thanks to it being the middle of June, was conducted in broad daylight. This at least enabled us to meet some llamas who were in a field which we passed and which otherwise, we would have missed had it been dark.

The children all slept well with many needing a helping hand to wake up this morning.