Something  Fishy has been happening

at Broadway

Metaphor and Simile (our school goldfish) have lived happily in Mrs Summers’ classroom for the past eleven years.  Unfortunately, they have now grown too big for their tank and keep swimming into each other, so the children in Mrs Summers’ English Class wrote to Pets at Home to see if they could help.
Mrs Summers and the children were amazed and delighted when a few days later they received a reply and gift vouchers worth £195.00!  Mr Pritchard, the Chief Executive for Retail, at Pets at Home said “When we received your letters, we had to act.  Those two little fellows definitely deserve a much nicer home and one with a filter, so they have nice clean water to live in every day. “
Mr Pritchard arranged for the children to visit their Hylton Riverside store where the Manager, Mr Stewart Frizell, helped them choose a tank, ornaments, gravel and plants to make an exciting new environment for Metaphor and Simile to live in.  Whilst there, the children also enjoyed meeting and holding lots of the animals in the pet store including guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards and snakes!
Leading up to ‘The Big Move’, Mr Frizell visited school to help set up the new fish tank.  He also organised a fish workshop for the class, so we now have our own ‘fish experts’ in school! Eventually, moving day arrived and Mr Frizell was on hand to help ensure everything went ‘swimmingly’. 
As well as practising their persuasive letter writing skills, the children have written newspaper articles and are currently compiling a ‘How to look after your goldfish’ guide, so that they can pass on their knowledge to other children in school.
Metaphor and Simile are now exploring their fantastic new aquarium and everyone at Broadway would like to say a massive thank you to Pets at Home for their kindness.