Little Inventor Winner


A few months ago, some of the children in Year 6 entered a national Little Inventor competition and Olivia’s idea was chosen as one of the winning entries.
Olivia designed a ‘Defence Dress’ which really impressed the judges.  Olivia’s idea was a dress which looked like a normal dress, but if the wearer was attacked, they could press a button, which would activate powerful lights hidden within the dress. These lights would ‘temporarily’ blind the attacker, allowing the victim to run away and get help.
A pro-type of the dress was made and is now on display, with other winning designs, in the Discovery Museum in Newcastle.
Olivia was invited to the opening event on Friday and Mrs Acklam thought Olivia deserved a day to remember.  Olivia was allowed to choose two friends and the lucky girls were Hannah and Jasmin -accompanied by the equally lucky Mrs Summers and Miss Taylor! The group enjoyed a celebratory lunch at Carluccio’s, which was lovely and the girls were so well behaved that the Manager of the restaurant didn’t charge for their meals!
The group walked off their meals as they headed to the Discovery Museum where they were greeted by the competition organisers and spent the afternoon looking at the models designed by other children from across the country.