Review of SSCB Interim Threshold Guide

The SSCB is undertaking a full review of the SSCB Interim Threshold Guide which was launched in May 2017 as the Guide has been in place over a year.

This review was always intended to take place and is being undertaken under the SSCB Business Plan 2017-2018 action 2.2 - “Undertake a full review of our threshold guidance and associated protocols, processes, pathways and tools including; the front door multi-agency triage pilot”.   The SSCB will be consulting as widely as possible as part of the review.   The plan for the review is outlined below:

Review Plan

Review Leads

The review will be led by Karen Davison, Director of Early Help (Together for Children – Sunderland) and Lynne Thomas, SSCB Strategic Business Manager (SSCB). 

The SSCB is working with other LSCBs across our region to streamline work to simplify access to services for children and their families who move between areas and to reduce duplication for cross boundary agencies such as Northumbria Police.  This review will therefore be considering the Threshold Guides from other LSCBs. 

Consultation events
A series of events will be held to consult with as many staff in Sunderland as possible but if you are unable to attend we will also consult via email.  Further information regarding the consultation will be provided in due course. 

The reviewed Guide will be launched in September 2018 with training workshops starting in September 2018.  Whilst the review is taking place all planned Threshold Guide Workshops are cancelled.

Karen Davison
Director of Early Help

Lynne Thomas
SSCB Strategic Business Manager
22nd June 2018