Welcome to Luis

We are delighted to introduce Luis Reynaldo
Sirpa, who we are now sponsoring through
Plan UK. 









Luis is seven years old and lives with his Aunt Bertha in
Bolivia, which is a country in South America. Luis and his
family speak Spanish and they live in a house made of mud
bricks with a corrugated roof and a cement floor. His family
farm the land and it is very cold where he lives.
Throughout our sponsorship, we will be writing letters to Luis
and this will help Luis learn about our lives and we in turn
will learn about his.
For the past eleven years, we have sponsored Rebecca who lives
in Ghana.  Our sponsorship of Rebecca ended when she became
an adult and we asked Plan UK if we could sponsor another
We raise our sponsorship money through

 our School Fruit Tuck Shop.  Each month,

we send £15.00 of our profits to Plan UK and

we hope our support will enable Luis to

attend school and have a brighter future

like Rebecca.