Helping children across the world through our Fruit Tuck Shop

At Broadway Junior School we are very keen to

encourage our children to enjoy healthy snacks and one of the ways we promote this is through our Fruit Tuck Shop.  Our Fruit Tuck Shop has been successfully ran by the children for the last eleven years.  We keep the prices as low as possible, aiming just to cover the cost of the fruit and make a small profit each week. 
Back in 2007, when our Fruit Tuck Shop began, we wanted to use
the profits to help a child who was less fortunate than ourselves. 
We approached the charity Plan UK, who work hard to make lasting improvements for children living in poverty in developing countries
across the world. 
We were introduced to Rebecca, who lives in the Manya Krobo
district of Ghana, when she was seven years old and our
sponsorship began. Throughout our sponsorship, we have written many letters to Rebecca and have looked forward to receiving her replies. We have also exchanged drawings and photographs, all of which have helped Rebecca learn about our lives and we in turn have learnt about hers.  Over the years, we have developed a strong friendship with Rebecca and her family. However, Rebecca has now reached the age ofeighteen and our sponsorship has ended, but we hope, through our support, she will now have a brighter future.