From September 2019

Please find below a day to day breakdown for dinner money payments.


5 days: £11.00

4 days: £8.80

3 days: £6.60

2 days: £4.40

1 day:  £2.20

The School Meals Service operates like any other business and payment for meals within schools must be paid in full before any meals are consumed by the child i.e. the first day of school for that week. 


Dinner money should be brought into school by your child in an envelope clearly marked with your child's name and handed to the class teacher.

Please be aware that if your child would like to change their meal pattern, dinners to packed lunch or packed lunch to dinners you will need to give the school office at least 7 days written notice.


To read more about school meals in Sunderland, please click here >>


If you feel you may be eligible for Free School Meals, please contact the Free School Meals Team on 0191 561 1417 or email them on