To celebrate Parliament Week, every year group took part in a range of activities, from debating critical issues that the world is facing, to debating issues in school. First, we discussed what Parliament is, where it is and the things that get decided there. We had a look at the topical issues that are ongoing in Parliament this month- we couldn’t believe that Scotland were discussing school uniforms!

We looked at the term ‘democracy’ and shared what we thought it meant and what we do in school that could be described as democratic. Children discussed issues like ‘should mobile phones be allowed in school?’, ‘should supermarkets sell fruit and veg in biodegradable packaging?’ and ‘should politics be taught in school?’ We had some fantastic ideas; there could even be a few future politicians among us!

Our certificate of Participation is proudly displayed in the corridor, along with our photos and samples of work. Well done, everyone!