Dear Year 6 Parents and Carers

Today has been a strange day saying goodbye to your children for the time being. Their behaviour and maturity has shone through in what has been a difficult week.

The school closures have no obvious end date so we are unable to give you any further information as to when you child may return. A number of the children have treated today as if it was their final day here at Broadway, but as a staff we chose not to and to reinforce the message that we want to see them here again soon.

Some parents have rang the school office today asking about issues ranging from: transition to secondary school, leavers assembly, shirt signing and a leavers photo. Rest assured that if we return to school in ample time, these things will happen and if we don’t, staff will go above and beyond to provide an appropriate send off for your child, even if it occurs in August or beyond.

In the meantime, we will keep you informed of anything that you need to know through the usual channels.

Yours sincerely
Year 6 team