At Broadway we try very hard, throughout the year to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Our Recycling Rangers are well established and have been helping to recycle paper and plastics for the last few years. Every classroom has a paper bin and a plastic bin and the Recycling Rangers help to empty these once a fortnight, so that our paper and plastic waste can be recycled instead of going to landfill.   We have a composting bin on our school allotment where we put weeds, fallen leaves and shredded cardboard. Our School Cook saves kitchen scraps such as apple cores, banana skins and egg shells, which we collect each week and add to our compost bin. When the waste has rotted down and turned into compost, we use it on our raised beds to help our vegetables grow.


We encourage our children to walk, scoot or cycle to school to help reduce the amount of fuel used when they travel to school by bus or car.   The COP26 Climate Change Conference made us think about what else we could do at Broadway to help. We put our heads together and decided that as we have lots of lovely garden areas with vegetables and flowers that need a lot of watering, a water butt would be a great way to collect and reuse rainwater.


We applied to Sunderland City Council for a COP26 grant and were over the moon when they awarded us £250.00. We have been able to buy two new compost bins and three water butts, which will help us to further reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you so much!