At one of their first meetings, our School Council decided it would be really good for

everyone’s mental and physical health if they could have a range of play equipment

to enjoy at breaktimes - whatever the weather.


They surveyed the children in their classes and drew up a long wish list of games,

toys and sports equipment - all they needed was the money to purchase them. We

made a successful bid for Community Chest Funding and once our application was approved, the School Council got straight to work helping to order what they would like to put in their boxes.


When the toys and games arrived, they worked well as a team to fill each box. They designed labels for the boxes and wrote a short speech to tell their classmates where they had got the money from and how to look after the boxes.


Once the boxes were filled and labelled, each Class Councillor delivered the Breaktime Boxes to their class – ready to be enjoyed.


Now our children have lots to keep them active and happy whether the sun is shining or it’s pouring with rain! Their happy faces say it all.


We would like to thank Councillor Antony Mullen (Barnes Ward) for supporting our application and Sunderland City Council for awarding us the funding.