It is our primary aim that every member of our school community feels valued and respected and that each person is treated fairly and well. We aim to be a caring community, wherein values are founded upon mutual trust and respect.


Our Behaviour and Discipline Policy is therefore designed to uphold the manner in which all members of the school community can live and work together, free from harm and in a safe and caring environment. Our policy is not primarily concerned with rule enforcement, but is seen as a means of promoting good relationships with the common purpose of being of benefit to everyone. Our school expects all members of its community, to show consideration for others and to treat each other in a fair and consistent manner. Our policy aims to help our children to live, learn and grow in a safe and secure environment and to become positive, responsible independent and caring members of not only our school but also their wider community. 


Our school strives to acknowledge, promote and reward all aspects of good behaviour, believing that this will develop an ethos of kindness, empathy, consideration and an intolerance of bullying, anti-social and racist behaviour.


You can find our full Behaviour and Discipline Policy with the All Policies Section.