At Broadway, we firmly believe that there is a significant link between pupil health and well-being and attainment and are proactive in our approach to promoting health choices, lifestyles and activity to support all children in their understanding of how they can lead healthy lives both now and in the future.
Inactivity as a result of the virtual world is a major concern and the subsequent consequences of the increase in childhood obesity.
Via a programme of access to a wide range of sporting activities and opportunities for all children, we aim to acknowledge and address these issues and support each pupil with the knowledge and understanding required of how they can keep themselves emotionally and physically healthy for life (Public Health England – National Child Measurement Programme 2018)
Summary of School Results:
Proportion of Year 6 children measured as part of the National Child Measurement Programme 2018 who were classed as obese:-
Obese                                                            29%
Overweight                                                     19%
TOTAL                                                            48%
National                                                          34%
Sunderland                                                      38%


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